Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Galaxy 1150 canister vacuum by Soniclean is one of their top selling models and boasts an overall weight of just twelve pounds. This is an 1150 watt variable speed motor that’s designed to deliver professional grade suction and power. It comes with an attachment called a turbo carpet nozzle which is designed for use on low or medium thick carpet.

For some consumers who have experience with vacs that use bags, the memories of the hassle that comes with changing a full bag may be just too much to deal with. However, the new innovative design and the addition of the HEPA filter and added cleaning tools truly make this model shine and may just be worth the purchase, even if you’re someone who hates dealing with changing out a full vacuum bag. Just keep in mind that the large capacity canister means you won’t have to deal with changing the bag very often.

There are many manufacturers competing to make the best, lightest and most versatile vacuum on the market, but while most of these top brands have focused on adding too many bells and whistles, Soniclean has focused on the best features that will work to leave your home looking and feeling clean again.

Specs and Features of the Soniclean Galaxy 1150

This is a lightweight compact model that’s designed for ultra-quiet operation. The HEPA filter works to filter out 99.97% of particles. The 360 degree hose is designed to make vacuuming easier. With automatic cord rewind that will prevent you from tripping over the cord when in use, this model has a reach of approximately thirty-one feet.

The certified HEPA filter is designed to remove debris, dirt, dust, pet hair, fine particles and allergens from the air. The inclusion of this filtration system is a big selling point for this model, especially for allergy sufferers. The overall design of the vacuum features a carbon fiber finish which is described as contemporary with a masculine feel.

This model also includes an ergonomic handle, a powerful 1150 watt motor, a one and a half quart filter bag for less bag changes, a dial suction control feature that allows you to adjust the power of the suction and turn it down or increase it depending on use. You’ll also find a full bag indicator light, wand parking feature, automatic cord rewind, on-board caddy for tools, and accessory tools including an upholstery tool, dusting brush and crevice tool for those hard to reach places. This product also features a five year extensive warranty.

This is a company that has a reputation for producing high quality, affordable appliances and we were happy to see so many consumers who felt that this vacuum was worth every penny. Of course, this vac isn’t without its flaws.

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Canister Vacuum Cleaner Pros and Cons

This is a high quality model made in Germany. The lightweight design makes it easy to use on stairs and doesn’t strain your back. The exterior is beautiful and unique. The power suction feature will allow you to adjust the suction level accordingly, based on what you’re cleaning. This type of power control makes your job much easier and makes this the perfect tool to use on upholstery and drapery. The sealed HEPA filter is ideal in homes of allergy sufferers and works well to remove fine dust, dirt and debris. Consumers who dealt with the customer service team regarding any issues they had with this product reported that the staff were quick to respond and helpful regarding trouble shooting and component replacement. The extensive five year warranty is also a huge selling point considering how much normal wear and tear the average vacuum goes through.

Cons: Some users felt that the built-in tool caddy got in the way at times and many of the accessories would fall out of the caddy during use. Other users felt that this vacuum was much louder than other models in the same price range. A common complaint involved the quality of the attachments. Some consumers felt that the attachments were very flimsy and cheap. The carpet attachment is also very squeaky when in use. Of course, another downside for this model is the bags, which will need to be changed based on frequency of use. While it offers one and a half quarts of bag space, some consumers would have liked to see larger bag capacity.


Galaxy 1150 Conclusion and Rating

Vaccuum Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Galaxy 1150In conclusion of our Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review, many consumers felt that this was probably one of the most underrated vacuums on the market.  If you have hardwood or tile floors, then this is the model you need. You can adjust the power setting and clean your tile or hardwood floors, turn up the power and dust the baseboards and carpet, turn down the power to clean your couch and drapes and clean pet beds, the kitchen floor and any other dusty surface in the home. With the addition of the HEPA filter, this vac can truly make your home feel clean again.

While not perfect, it definitely has a lot to offer and at a reasonable price. The HEPA filter is a huge bonus that can make all the difference in your home, especially if you have hardwood floors. Hardwoods can be difficult to dust and often, if you use a vacuum that doesn’t contain this type of filter, the dust will simply resettle moments after you finish vacuuming. A certified HEPA filter ensures that you and your family are breathing clean air and this is especially important for adults and children with allergies and skin issues such as eczema.

Consumers who gave this model a try were very satisfied with how well it worked and the suction power it had to offer. The suction power control is pretty awesome and gives this vac the versatility it needs to be considered a multi-surface cleaning machine.

Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for the cord rewind feature, HEPA filter, reasonable pricing, tool caddy and lightweight design.

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