Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review: Vacuum with a Powerful Suction

The Zing bagged canister vacuum by Bissell has a reputation for strong suction and the ability to do an impressive job removing microscopic particles from hard wood floors and carpet.  This multi-surface cleaner features a lightweight design and easy maneuverability. It comes with a variety of features including multi-surface functionality, improved suction function, telescopic wand, full bag indicator and cord rewind.

With all of these new features added to a somewhat classic design, a vacuum that uses bags is still going to be a difficult to sell in a world that has moved on to dealing with the lower maintenance bagless vacuum models of the 2000s.

This is a model that received mixed reviews from consumers. There are many pros that can sell you on this design or have you continuing your search for a more versatile appliance for the entire house.

According to the manufacturer, the machine’s powerful suction is designed to remove deep down dirt, fine dust and debris and is said to work perfectly on bare floors. The multi-surface feature is designed to make it easier on the user when going from cleaning hardwood floors to cleaning carpets by simply flipping a switch.

Canister Vacuum’s Specs and Features

If you’re tired of your average vacuum cleaner, say so long to your vertical model and take a look at the Zing, a vacuum that can handle much larger areas with ease. While most newer models of vacuums have taken the bagless approach, the Zing has reinvented the bagged vacuum design, making it more efficient and easier to use than models of the past. Even if you aren’t a big fan of vacuums with bags, performance is what really matters here and you won’t be disappointed.

The included user’s manual is easy to read, while product assembly takes about five minutes. The vacuum itself is lightweight with a base that’s well built. The addition of wheels on this new style makes the vacuum easy to maneuver.

As it performs, you’ll notice how powerful it really is, which is why Bissel has included a switch that gives the user control over the level of power used. This model works well on tiled floors, carpet and hard wood floors.

When cleaning upholstery and furniture, you’ll want to turn the setting down to low because full power mode is just too powerful. For most tasks, medium or medium-high power will work best.

This is a model that’s perfect for stairs. The weight and handle design make it easy to move around and lug up a flight of stairs, no problem.

However, on carpets, this vac can be a bit of a problem. Most users felt that it didn’t perform that well on very thick carpet, or even low pile carpets for that matter. Overall, the vacuum’s performance was quite disappointing for some consumers. You’ll need to turn up the power to full blast and be prepared to make multiple passes over every area.

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Pros and Cons of the Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

This model comes with four free bags, three out and one inside. While most consumers are not big fans of vac bags, most can agree that the capacity is okay. However, dealing with bags can be messy work and many users felt like the dust just sat there and turned into a disgusting cloud of dust the minute they attempted to replace it or empty it. The adjustable power level gives the user more control over the amount of suction used, which can come in handy when dealing with delicate drapes or thicker carpet. Most users felt that this model worked perfectly for stairs and hardwood floors, especially during decent.

Cons: There were several complaints regarding the length of the cord, with many consumers stating that it was simply too short for large rooms. When it comes to limited cord length, all the maneuverability in the world will not matter. Another limiting component for this model involves the patented telescopic wand, which also wasn’t very long, especially if the user is average or above average height. Taller users will need to slouch down at an awkward angle when cleaning floors, which can result in severe back strain. The vacuum bags don’t do much to hold the particles or allergens in the machine, which makes users feel like they’ll continue to breathe in dust and other particles that have gathered in the air as a result of vacuuming with this model. Overall, this vacuum doesn’t seem to be a multi-surface model like it claims to be.

Zing by Bissell Conclusion and Rating

Vaccuum Product Rating: (4/5)

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister VacuumThis vacuum has a somewhat dated feel to it, making the user feel like they’ve fallen back into the early 1990s. While it works well on upholstery, hardwood floors and tile, it definitely falls flat as a go to model for carpets and shouldn’t be used as the sole vacuum in carpeted homes.

While the vacuum itself is easy to maneuver and pretty lightweight, the hose is way too short for the average sized person and the cord itself just isn’t long enough to be used in larger homes. This model really doesn’t have anything special to offer. In homes that have both bare floors and plush carpet, using this vacuum can definitely give you a workout. It just doesn’t have what it takes to handle such a wide range of flooring and we wish the manufacturer didn’t try to pass it off as so versatile and instead simply focused on the fact that it works well on bare floors, drapery and upholstery. Don’t be misled by what this model claims to be.

In summation of our Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review, if you’re looking for an all in one vacuum, you may need to pass this one by and instead continue your search for a vac that can make a difference on carpet and one that also focuses on removing irritating particles and dust from the air as well.  Consumers gave it a rating of four out of five stars for the lightweight design, maneuverability, cleaning features, power controls and pricing.

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